# 20221219: Vuepress, Git

vuepress git

# VuePress: Crear site

# create-vuepress-site

# manual

  • npm install --save-dev vuepress
  • package.json
    • "docs:dev": "vuepress dev docs"
    • "docs:build": "vuepress build docs"
  • mkdir docs
  • vim docs/index.md
home: true
actionText: Counter Component
actionLink: /counter/
- title: Embedded Vue Compments
  details: A Vue counter developed using Vue is embedded in this documentation. Now that's the power of VuePress!
- title: Documentation made with VuePress
  details: This entire documentation was made with VuePress which parsed Markdown files and corresponding assets using webpack.
footer: Developed using VuePress by William Imoh

# Git: Cherry Pick

# Git: Pretty graph

  • git log --graph --decorate --format=format:'%h %s' --all
    • Muestra el id del commit y el sumario
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